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Hope House is a nonprofit organization, which was established May 2017 to help individuals on their journey to recovery and self sustainability, to have a complete break in recidivism.  Breaking the cycle of addiction starts with having the right environment. Hope House understands the critical importance of a clean, safe, substance-free residence. It’s why we provide rooms and amenities to those pursuing a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life, free of addiction.


More than just a sober house in Sterling, CO. we provide a structured environment that helps you get back on your feet. Our house is managed by an experienced Executive Director and a Case Manager, and an Operations Manager, who take care of daily activities and protocols for all residents. 

 We are committed to helping you take control of your life in a positive way.



Before entering Hope House located in Logan County, we assess the condition and situation of prospective participants. We do this to ensure you are placed in a living situation that is supportive for you. This also gives us a chance to get to know the people we are helping and to help you feel like you are understood. We make sure your voice is heard. We are available 7 days a week to schedule an initial assessment.

The assessment phase is also an opportunity for us to provide you with a rundown of our housing rules. We put everything in the simplest terms, so there is no confusion about expectations. This is a crucial final step before placement.


We have a property located in the Northeastern (Sterling) Colorado area, housing individuals (males only) who are released from prison and on their way to Re-entry and recovery. We’ll place you in a living situation that’s comfortable, welcoming, and judgment-free, with a Staff who will help you get acclimated.

Each individual is different and the purpose of coming to Hope House varies and this is the reason each person works on different goals when they come in. We have developed a 4 week program that gets everyone working in the same direction. What does this include: clothing, food support, transportation, budgeting, resumes, job and education readiness. After the initial program we branch off to help an individual design their program with their needs in mind.


There is always HOPE and the right fit for anyone willing to seek help for success in their journey after incarceration.


We empower our residents to attain their basic needs on their own – food, clothing, shelter – and then focus on security and health. We believe this philosophy is the basis for a strong foundation for a successful recovery.

Regardless of the addiction,
there is always hope.
We will find it together.

The best way to free yourself from the cycle of addiction is to immerse in an environment with like-minded individuals, where you are both empowered and held accountable. As long as you remain sober, comply with house rules, and pay rent, you may stay as long as you like.

Our Supporters

Hope House is a nonprofit organization that has many organizations that offer support for our participants/residents in our program, some of these organizations are:

Latino Coalition WAGEES Program/Community Partner

Colorado Department of Corrections/Reentry

Sterling Parole Office

13th Judicial District Probation Department

Centennial Mental Health

Cooperative Ministries

Family Resource Center

Sterling Four Square Church

New Pathways to Wellness & Recovery

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