Meet the staff of Hope House

Before you learn something about our staff a message from the Founder/Executive Director of Hope House, Shaun M. Wilson.


Can you imagine being homeless, living in a car that is not yours, showering at a truck stop, everything you own is in garbage bags, selecting the wrong friends who were with you to party however, disappeared when you were locked up, raising children by yourself and in a situation having to shoplift just to feed them, not knowing where to go or who to turn too. Then getting released and the only place you can go is a homeless shelter at night and walk the streets during the day and finding very little assistance or guidance.


If you have read the above and could relate to this, well let me tell you that these are just some of the struggles that staff have lived through yet have become mentors and leaders. So, know that you are not alone in this journey, we can help you reach a new level in your future.


Shaun M. Wilson Founder and Executive Director, most people see the name and think she is a guy however, she is a mother of 5 wonderful children, a grandmother to many amazing grandchildren then there is her extended family which is everyone that come into Hope House.  Shaun has a background is military, corrections, residential treatment centers and an extraordinarily strong belief that with structure, discipline, along with guidance all the residents can become successful in their journey. While having all those skills she had to experience firsthand what prison can do to a person, it was one of her own family members. They was under dual supervision at the time, and became the real reason HOPE HOUSE came to life. It took her awhile and was very persistent to find what was going to work, but she can proudly say the conclusion is they completed the program successfully and is happily living in another area of Colorado. Each day she is reminded of what wonderful things individuals can achieve if they have someone to support them, and to guide them. Hope House is incredibly lucky to have someone with such determination to help each resident that comes into Hope House.


Case Manager Ashley Whited is a person that has had many hardships, some similar to what our residents have gone through. She has the ability to not only relate one on one with them, but also to inspire them that with hard work and dedication, you can change your life and become anything you want to be and do it successfully. Ashley went through Hope House program in 2019. She worked hard at managing having a job, going to therapy, groups and meetings, as well as building back the relationships with her children and family. After a few months, she became a peer leadership role for our Division Campus. Ashley has grown in many areas and after completing the program, she right away showed an interest in working for Hope House. She explains that this is her way of giving back to what was there for her. She truly has a passion for helping others find their way to their journey of a new life achieving their goals and being successful, just like she did.

Case Manager Alec Solky has a background in corrections but didn't like how he couldn't be a piece to the puzzle of change, so he came to Hope House with the want to deeply make a difference in the community and empower everyone he meets to succeed in their accomplishments.


Tracy Wise is an individual with a variety of diversities with her job requirements. She has been through a variety of experiences as well, with helping family members with addictions, some made it through and some still battle, but understanding how to forgive but also how to be firm in her convictions. Tracy has a strong faith in her LORD, and believes that most things happen for a reason, we just need to grow and learn from those experiences. She believes that everyone deserves several chances if their heart is truly willing to work on their situations. Tracy came to Hope House to help and support in all the ways she can, but most of all she does all of our admin/office duties and supports Executive Director Shaun along with the case managers, Ashley and Alec. We are thrilled to have an amazing team!

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