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Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle
Meet the Team of Hope House


Alec Solky our Case Manager + Program Manager.  He has a background in corrections and working at a jail as a detention officer but didn't like how he couldn't be a piece of the puzzle to empower change, so he came to Hope House with the strong desire to deeply make a difference in the community and empower everyone he meets to offer them guidance and support with their future plans. 


Shaun M. Wilson Founder and Executive Director, most people see the name and think she is a guy however, she is a mother of 5 wonderful children, a grandmother to many amazing grandchildren then there is her extended family which is everyone that come into Hope House.  Shaun has a background is military, corrections, residential treatment centers and an extraordinarily strong belief that with structure, discipline, along with guidance all participants can become successful in their journey. While having all those skills she had to experience firsthand what prison can do to a person, it was one of her own family members. They were under dual supervision at the time, and became the real reason HOPE HOUSE came to life. It took her awhile and was very persistent to find what was going to work, but she can proudly say that this amazing family member was successful and now 9 years later is happily living in another area of Colorado. Each day she is reminded of what wonderful things individuals can achieve if they have someone to support them, and to guide them. Hope House is incredibly lucky to have someone with such determination to help others that comes into Hope House.

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